Apprenticeship and further education

Center of knowledge

Every year 5000 visitors are welcomed to the SASE. In addition to congresses on climate protection, new technologies and developments in the waste management industry the SASE did host 140 events. Including seminars and advanced trainings for commercial drivers and truckers in line with the BKrFQG (German law regulating the training and qualification of commercial drivers and truckers)

Venue of competencies

The public archive, DABib fascinate the visitors as much as the permanent exhibition about the history of city cleaning which also includes a collection of 50 vehicles, allowing the guests to experience the different innovations in the industry over time.Combined this offers insights to the experience, knowledge and culture of the city cleaning sector and is constantly growing thanks to the founders, supporters and partners, who are organized in the >SASE-Freundeskreis (SASE supporters organization).
Utilized are these resources through history marketing in a practical knowledge sharing approach via target-oriented communication with internal and external orientation. The continuous exchange with partners – consisting of product and service providers from the waste management industry – ensures the coverage of the industry’s latest developments and innovations.
The combination of a training center as well as a hub for exchange with in the industry facilitates the holistic training and education approach of the SASE.
Today, as the industry’s training center and archive, the SASE is for companies and other organizations, from the communal and private city cleaning services, an acknowledged and international meeting as well as conference center. For these purposes the SASE provides the following facilities:

  • Haus der Städtereiniger (House of the city cleaners)
    • Training room for up to 30 people (illustration)
    • Exhibition space for up to 300 people for conventions, conferences or closing events facilitated with a special flair (illustration)
  • Forum der Städtereiniger (Forum of the city cleaners)
    • Training room for up to 25 people (illustration)
    • Conference center for up to 200 people (illustration)
  • 10000 m² of open-air grounds which are accessible with vehicles (illustration)
  • 500 m² of asphalt paved area for the optimal presentation of vehicles and their functions (illustration)

All training rooms are equipped with the latest presentation technique as well as Wi-Fi access. For a request for quotation, please feel free to contact us (Contact).