School field trip

SASE as an extended school bench

Since the project "Meine Stadt soll sauber sein" (my city shall be clean) got launched in 2012, the SASE has become an important destination for field trips and school excursions for the learning curriculum on "environment and responsibility". With a special dedication for this younger audience the SASE offers the following activities:

  • Audio time travel to a medieval city
  • Interactive singing activity
  • "Waste rally"
  • "Garbage memory" – a playful introduction to recycling and garbage separation
  • "Medieval town" – a visual gamification of the early periods of "city hygene"

The teaching curriculum includes the different artifacts of the historical exhibition into the didactic framework. This approach supports the general content of a specific lesson with elements visual experience, interactivity and reflection.

The different knowledge modules have been specially designed for a young audience to impart knowledge about modern waste management and convey an impression of the hygienic situation in a medieval town. This encourages the children to grapple with the history and developments of waste management, sets the stage for an individual reflection of the topic and leads to the dimensions of individual behavior in terms of waste production and environmental protection.