Creating synergies from knowledge

The research, collection and edition of the city cleaning history are an extensive field of exploration for the SASE. A descriptive approach only based on documentation – as in a museum – would not meet the full potential of the research team at SASE and only raise little to no public attention for this important, but far too often neglected, topic. In order to leverage to full potential of research processes and results the SASE is constantly collaborating with external institutions in research and education and aiming to enlarge the current network. Due to these efforts, today the SASE is a part of a vast and vivid network based on knowledge and best practice sharing. The research findings from analyzing the industry’s history provide completely new ways to interpret developments by comparing them to similar expansions in the past and therefore also open up new areas for joint discussion and exploration. In addition, the collaboration also provides the SASE with a larger scale audience when addressing topics to a non-industry audience.

Current projects
  • Project „Middle East“

Since 2012 the SASE is involved in a Project dedicated to improve the overall quality of the city cleaning in Abu Dhabi (United Arabic Emirates). SASE and LOBBE consult and advise a local waste management enterprise regarding their strategy development, procurement, governance model as well as the organizational and process setup. One of the main leavers of benefit for the customer is SASE’s established network and experience, which holds especially true for the procurement element when the customer gets connected with well proven technology suppliers in the industry.

The 21 associates and shareholders of the SASE represent the vast majority of the German waste management sector. Together they have been able to incorporate the diverse experience into the conceptualization and optimization of the solution put in place, while always taking the special requirements of the Emirate into account. The new found public service companydid expand as of now to a size of 1,000 employees.

In the first project phase, from 2012 till 2014, SASE/LOBBE was able to acquire orders worth 16 Mio. € for the shareholders and other associates related to the project.

  • Standardization as a pull factor of innovation

The DIN e.V. espouses Dirk Wiegand’s dissertation with the title „Innovation durch Normung“ (Standardization as a pull factor of innovation). This research paper will be finished in 2017 and provide a deep dive into the accelerating effects that standardization has on innovation as well as the positive impact while accessing and sustaining global markets.

A selection of other projects in which SASE is involved can be found here:

  • Supported the BG-Verkehr (German transport confraternity) with their short film „Arbeitssicherheit in der Entsorgungsbranche (On-the-job safety in the waste management industry)
  • Participates in the project "Meine Stadt soll sauber sein" (my city shall be clean) dedicated to environmental education and governed by the DBU (German foundation for the environment) and the city of Iserlohn
  • Hosted the „Symposium Waste Management“ in cooperation with the BiTS (local university) Summer School
  • The industry’s initiative "Klimaschutz durch Kreislaufwirtschaft e.V." (Climate protection by establishing a recycling based economy) - (
  • Hosted the 7th yearly Urban Mining congress - (