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Permanent exhibition - “Meine Stadt soll sauber sein!“ (my city shall be clean)

Our permanent exhibition „My city shall be clean! – Perspectives of environment protection in an urban environment is the world’s largest collection focusing on urban environment conservation. It highlights the role of city cleaningas the foundation of urban environmentalism.
The realization has – by a large extend - been founded by the DBU (German federal environment fund) and is structured along different modules introducing the visitor step by step to different aspects of this vast and complex topic.

In two halls with 1.800 m2 and an open air space of 8.000 m2 various exhibits enable our guests to experience environment protection in a tangible and interactive way:

  • More than 50 ready to use city cleaning utility vehicles(dustcarts, scrubber vans, suction/flusher vehicles, winter road service utilities, ...)
  • More than 250 different waste containers (ash bins, plastic storage and containers)
  • More than 300 large scale illustrations and written signs
  • Multimedia utilities
  • Exhibit installations and illustrative material (historical kitchen setup)
  • Exhibit installations, functional models (historic kitchen, ash bin disposal,...)
  • Interactive stations and sessions

Exhibition’s concept

As of today the majority of the world’s population is living in cities and urban areas. Living side-by-side in such density is only possible due to the achievements delivered by modern city cleaningand urban concepts of environment protection. Besides the basic requirements of pest/disease control and hygienic standards it also pleases the aesthetic desires regarding livable sphere.

In order to illustrate the continuous developments and improvements of the city cleaning and environmental protection efforts, the exhibition is guiding the visitor in a chronological sequence. Highlighting the issues of the past and presenting the respective modern day solutions, showcases comprehensibly the evolutions of the sector while it encourages the guests to think about future’s solutions of today’s problems.