City cleaning techniques


To fulfill its mayor assignment - the targeted education of the public, government, administration and politicians as well as the training of subject matter experts - the SASE hosts four themed areas which support each other content wise. The documentation of techniques, organization and the change in processes is, besides the investigation on influences on politics, society and city development, an additional milestone in the assignment. Exhibits, installations, interactive elements and explanations - written and/or visualized - are combined to single topics stations. They illustrate the development of a vast field of topics, from early city cleaning attempts to the holistic overview of modern waste management. The chronological sequence of the developments is supported by the juxtaposition in our learning tour.

Topic stations

Due to project related support we have been able to modernize and improve the areas of “Grundbegriffe der Städtereinigung” (basics of city cleaning), "Stadtentwicklung" (city development), "Ressourcenmanagement/Materialwirtschaft” (resource management/material logistics) and “Aufgabengebiet Zukunft” (deep dive into the issues, related to urbanization, mankind will face in the future) as well as "Abfallsammlung und Abfalltransport" (waste collection and logistics). The technical exhibits of the city cleaning collection, including the garbage truck and waste containers, illustrate the requirements which did lead to the specific innovations in these fields.

Technical exhibits

The core elements in our collection are the technical exhibits. They illustrate the innovations and technical solutions to issues - from the mid 19th century till today - and enable the visitor to connect to these problems and relate to the respective time periods. In two halls of 1,800 m2 exhibition area and on our 8,000 m2 open air space the innovations of the past come back to life and convey the a vivid learning experience.


The permanent exhibition "Meine Stadt soll sauber sein! - Perspektiven des urbanen Umweltschutzes" is the world’s first exhibition on the topic of environment protection in an urban environment - a topic of increasing relevance. City cleaning is presented as the foundation of urban environment protection. Guided tours are available for visitors from the environment and waste management sector as well as for the interested public. For the 1.5 hour long tour a prior registration is required and it covers the topic of urbanization and connects it with the related problems resulting from it.