Here you'll find the in-house publication SASE information as download:

SASE information 1
SASE information 2
SASE information 3
SASE information 4
SASE information 5
SASE information 6
SASE information 7

Here you'll find the actuall praesentations from the webinar on 21-02-2018 to download:

To download the video click here: Download Video

And here you'll find the actuall preaesentations from the Webinar on 21-03-2018 to download:

To download the video click here: download video

Here you'll find the actuall preasentations from the Webinar on 28-03-2018 to dowmload:

1.  Webinar3_Lifestyle and WM_Ulanova_28.03.2018
2.  Webinar3_Werbung_Weiterbildung_ GUS_ SASE_28.03.2018

Next time you can download the video here:

Here you'll find the actual presentations from the Webinar on 04-04.2018 to download:

1. Webinar_4_Ulanova_04_04_2018
2. Webinar_4_Lobbe_Teil 1_Ebbing_04_04_2018
3. Webinar_4_Lobbe_Teil 2_Ebbing_04_04_2018
4. Webinar_4 Weiterbildung_SASE_Ulanova_04_04_2018
5. Clip_ Lobbe

Furthermore here are all flyers of the SASE to download:

Flyer SASE general
Flyer SASE catches on